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By EDT&Partners

Covid-19 has changed our modern lives in a way that we are only just beginning to understand. We are in an environment that we have not experienced before, where we are learning day by day, assimilating data that quickly emerges in this new world, and uniting patterns that arise from reflecting on relevant questions.

Unprecedented global shock

We are now living in a world that, in many ways, seems to be more aligned with life from another era, with the difference that now we are globally connected in a 24×7 flow of information.The …

By Josep M Mas, Partner APAC at EDT&Partners.

In the past couple of months, some information has emerged about an impending change of policy concerning non-compulsory education and young learners in China.

On March 3rd, The Fly quoted Bloomberg and commented on New Oriental Education & Technology Group shares falling “following a report that some local governments in China are carrying out inspections of after-school tutoring institutions and have suspended offline classes until further notice”. This news affected other online learning companies, such as TAL. Despite downgrading, the shares of both companies have held with minor losses.

On March 26th…

By Pablo Langa, Founder & Managing Partner at EDT&Partners

Similar to other industries in the past, the whole tertiary education segment has its ground-breaking open. Tier-I institutions will navigate this shift differently than the rest of the industry (if you haven’t read Prof. Scott Galloway on this topic, click here). However, for most of the 19,400 higher education institutions (HEIs) recognized by the International Association of Universities (IAU) around the world, the work ahead is uncertain and it will require a relevant shift in its engagement format and value perception.

Here is a list of 6 key areas of work…

By Alan Greenberg, Venture Partner at EDT Partners.

From 3 to 83

A series of articles from EDT Partners on the subject of education technology that embraces all aspects of education from preschool, to lifelong learning, to workplace, and everything in-between. That looks at the technology and the impact both within academia and outside of institutions. Distributed networks, online resources, formal and informal learning engagement, and fundamentally “where does learning happen”? From 3 to 83 is a personal perspective and reflection on education, that by default and at the same time is unfair to 2-year old’s and 84-year old’s.

On March 10, 2020 I…

Taken in Lebak (Indonesia), this image depicts children in peril while crossing a partially collapsed bridge over an overflowing river while trying to get to school. When asked, children said they’d rather take this risk than walk another 30 minutes to use the next bridge. The image has often been brought up as a shocking example of how arduous “the road to education” can be.

This picture went viral in early 2012 and the bridge was mended soon after. Yet many other bridges are still waiting to be fixed. One should not think only about physical or technological infrastructure. Poor…


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